Peace Corps Kyrgyzstan

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Larry Tweed: Back to work.

Monday was my first day back to work at the office. It was great to see everyone again. Everything is back to normal here in Osh. Though, we wait daily to hear of new developments in the Bishkek power vacuum. Friction between Bakiev and Tekebaev...old parliamnet new parliament June 26th presidential elections no elections.... There's still a lot at stake, I just hope leaders remember that ultimately the power is vested in the people--Temporally, this should be fairly accessible to the memory banks.

Erkin, my friend and counterpart has finally returned to Osh (he was stuck in Bishkek for sometime after returning from Poland--he was in Bishkek the day they stormed the White House). Right now all he's doing is talking about McDonalds, KFC, and PizzaHut and I'm sitting here transfixed by his description of deep dishes, cheeseburgers and chicken legs...drooling on my keyboard.