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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Bishkek Volunteers SAFE: President Akaev Resigned?

All volunteers are safe. For those of you trying to contact loved ones here, cell phones are jammed while everyone is calling each other. Also, some volunteers have been moved out of the cities (e.g. Jalabad) and may not have coverage for a while.

My friend in Bishkek reports that there has been some looting in Bishkek. We've been watching TV and the opposition has been addressing the nation and asking for peace and calm. They are appearing on KTR (I believe this is the station formerly run by Akaev's family members (son-in-law). Their are reports that Akaev has resigned--these are unconfirmed as of yet.

Oppostion supposedly will convene tomorrow to elect a new parliament and establish leadership.


Larry Tweed


  • PEACE to you too, Larry! Kyrgyzstan is all the rage on CNN today. Taylor called last night (Wednesday) and still knew little of what was happening. His family has no TV. Thank you SOOOO much for all the postings...they help ease the anxiety! Here's to good poker hands!
    Sincerely, Sandy Willis

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 1:37 PM  

  • Larry,
    Thanks for the updates. Got here via BoingBoing. I did PC in Armenia in 92-93 and we had a winter (our first) where there was a new rumor every week of revolution or war. The country was actually at war with Aizerbaijan at the time.
    Take care and I sent your blog out to my former PCVS.

    By Blogger brett, At 3:06 PM  

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