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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Kyrgyzstan Revolution: Morning After

The latest from my source in Bishkek is that widespread looting has taken place. This does not surprise me, though I am very sad to see this kind of "hooligianism--an often used Russian term) taking place. Reportedly Tsum and the Beta stores were looted (for those who've never been in Kyrgyzstan--these stores are quite upscale--expat havens when you need dash of tobasco to go with the taco shells you just bought) as well as many others. My friend texted me from his cell phone stating he was almost out of minutes (on his phone) and was concerned that he wouldn't be able to buy more. He can still receive calls from me, however.

Continued looting and lawlessness could quickly damage the reputation of the opposition if order is not restored soon. Apparently, the old parliament (the one in place prior to the elections on February 27th) will be re-instated and an interim government established. Yesterday, the Supreme Court of Kyrgyzstan apparently ruled that the elections were null and void. These next days will be very telling for the entire future of Kyrgyzstan.

Kyrgyz Ambassador to the US has reportedly stated that Akaev has not resigned, but is in a "Safe Place".

For more information, please check out --they've done an excellent job of compiling news sources and were apparently quoted in Slate (good job guys!).

Osh continues to remain calm. Everyone is talking about the revolution, but stores are open and people are out. Police are working again in full force--randomly stopping cars for small bribes--strange to say, but that was almost reassuring to hear that things were back to normal. Let's hope the future Democratic Kyrgyzstan (whatever form it takes) will be more representative the people and work toward eliminating the systemic corruption that's held this potentially prosperous nation in developmental paralysis.

I am fine, cooked homefries and eggs for my friends this morning (used some Cajun seasoning to spice'em up--mmm mmm good). We're stocked up on food and fortunately, I received a package the other day from my Grandma Throm (thanks Grandma and Keith) with lots of chocolate goodies--that was a huge hit!!!). Haven't heard anything new from peace corps--other than, we are playing the waiting game. This is smart--as nobody knows what's going to happen next. Again, PC is surely a bureaucracy and information may not flow as freely as we'd like, but so far I think they are doing a great job handling an unprecedented situation. We feel safe and we are anxious to resume our lives here in Kyrgyzstan.

Take care,

Larry Tweed


  • Larry,

    Well its nice to see PC followed protocol out of the Office of Safety and Security and evacuated everyone rather than be seen as a new foreign policy statement(tools).

    The new article in 'Vanity Fair' from the PCV in Togo is coming out(similar situation) and alot of people are wondering if it is a message like Plames and Wilson's(RPCV who went to school in Spain and talked them into the war)and is there going to more killings of foreign nationals(operations officers) and changes in leadership there after the murders and terror on home soil.

    Its a pattern that everyone hopes won't repeat, but either way PC looks bad and stupid.

    PC still won't talk about Togo or you guys, but its interesting how the 'stans' are doing and Russia's lack of intense interest in these games. Maybe you guys won't be used as 'sitting ducks' for five years to real 'em and those nasty terrorists!

    Congress is just a phone call away and I here all Americans have one in D.C..

    Good luck!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 7:54 AM  

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