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Saturday, September 25, 2004

Sept 25. Life in Ivanovka village

My hotmail account still is not working over here, i'll be going to an internet cafe a little later this afternoon and give it a shot from there. Otherwise, please feel free to post a comment on this blog (of course, it will be public). I live in a small soviet home that was built about twenty years ago. as you enter my yard from the street, you walk under a tunnel of grapevines with bunches of fresh grapes dangling from above. To your left is a sleepy dog and to your right is yelping dog named Manya (viscious bark, but consider the creature could fit in your pocket--not too dangerous). straight ahead is the porch (four steps) Make sure you take your shoes off before you enter (this practice helps with the problem of disease because it reduces the fecal matter and TB (from saliva on the streets) from entering our home. Inside you will find a tiny kitchen (a small refrigerator, hot plate, tiny wooden table, cabinet and lots of jars for canning your fresh vegetables). Welcome. More to come later, I don't want to keep my host sister waiting any longer. Take care,


p.s. I am healthy and eating like a horse...hmmm...perhaps i'm eating horse. Any way, it tastes great.


  • Hi! I was exploring blogs and found yours. I am originally from kyrgyzstan myself though I am spending my exchange semester abroad now. Your sharings are great and help to get rid of many biases about Kyrgyz people. Thank you, and i am glad that you likes horse meat. It is pretty tasty to eat occasionally:) Bye!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 4:19 AM  

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