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Sunday, August 01, 2004

Minor Frustration!

To any of you who blog. I suggest writing your thoughts in a word processor and then doing a cut & paste. I was in Blogger, working on an entry for over an hour and then lost it--it was completely my fault. Oh well. Let me sum it up for you in less than 50 words. 48 days til I depart. Lots to do. Time Flies. I'm 10894 days old. In life, try and avoid having to say "Wish-I-Had-Done..." Enjoy the time you have.

There. This time around it only took me about a minute. I hope to post a short-story (non-fiction) about hunting arrowheads with my father in Western Pennsylvania back in the 70's & 80's sometime soon. I've been writing but not posting. Trying to find time to read a bit too. Just finished an intriguing novel, Any Human Heart, by William Boyd (NY Times Book Review).

On the Academic front, just started reading Kyrgyzstan: Central Asia's Island of Democracy? written in 1999 by a Scottsman named John Anderson.

Oh yeah, I also wanted to point people to this link containing breathtaking photos of Kyrgyzstan.


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