Peace Corps Kyrgyzstan

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

I am back

Snowstorms and airports, hotels and taxis. Last week I was stranded in the capital of Kyrgyzstan, living a Sisyphean life between shuttling to the airport in the morning and returning, dejected, to the hotel in the evening. Osh received a gracious 4 feet of snow in a three day period of time--hence the no-flight scenario.

Back in Osh and the weather has been a balmy 55 degrees the last three days. All the snow has nearly disappeared and sinkholes are emerging all over the city. A married volunteer couple here in Osh (Glen and Linda--who I've come to calling "Glenda") had a sink hole emerge smack dab in the middle of their host-family's property. They say they can hear the rats scurrying around in the space the hole has created beneath the foundation of the building and the floorboards. Nothing like the pleasant sound of pestilent rodents to help you sleep.

I'll be writing more soon. Hope all is well.



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