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Friday, May 13, 2005

Uprising in Andijan, Uzbekistan: Across the border from Kyrgyzstan

I have very little information about what is happening accross the border in Andijan, Uzbekistan. However, I did receive this message from the Consular Warden System (those charged with keeping U.S. Citizen's up to date):

The following is a message distributed thru the Consular Warden System of
the American Embassy in Tashkent.

Embassy Tashkent has confirmed that a suicide bomber was shot outside of the
Israeli Embassy this morning (May 13).

The U.S. Government has received reports of gunfire and possible explosions
in the city of Andijan. BBC is reporting that a group of armed men took
over the prison and released prisoners. American citizens are urged to stay
off the streets. The Embassy has also confirmed that at least one of the
Uzbek-Kazakh border crossings north of Tashkent has been closed. Travelers
should avoid traveling to Andijan at this time.

Click here to see where Andijan is on the map.

And here is a recent news story from the AP.

Also, you will find lots of information and current news and links if you check out Nathan's excellent blog

I just emailed an expat friend that I know who is based out of Andijan and will post more information if/when I get a response from him. Take care and stay safe.


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