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Monday, May 30, 2005


Still in Bishkek. They have go-carts here! Sushi restaurants! Real pool tables! Cold delicious draft beer! I passed on the go-carts and Sushi (afterall we are about 3,000 miles from the closest ocean and the most landlocked country in the world)--I am sorry but the fish isn't fresh...

In Service Training (IST) finished up on Saturday afternoon. All the K12 volunteers stayed at a hotel (a short drive out of Bishkek) from Monday through Sunday morning. our days were filled with language sessions, cultural training and program training and our nights were open. Bishkek has come alive since last September (when we arrived) and for many of us (myself included), this trip was the first time I've actually gotten to explore the city on my own.

Chris Burns (great guy!), one of our "staging" trainers in Philadelphia made a surprise visit during IST--pleasant surprise to see on of the excellent PC folks who sent us off on our initial journey. I enjoy encounters that jolt one's sense of context--we last saw Chris at the airport in New York.

Beer gardens, fancy restaurants--I jokingly asked for tobasco sauce and 30 seconds later had a monster-sized bottle shoved into my hand at a restaurant called the Metro. I lathered my cheeseburger and fries in the liquid fire and smiled between my bites of burger and the cold golden draft beer that doused the inferno. Simple pleasures...

Ambassador Young came and spoke to us and deftly and diplomatically answered our questions about Central Asia. It appears he will be leaving his post in Kyrgyzstan in July. Today, several senators arrived in Bishkek (including John McCain).

I will be searching for a new organization to work with in Osh. I am fairly adamant about staying in Osh and really do not want to start over from scratch. So the search begins later this week for a new organization. I have several leads to follow up on when I get back to Osh--but right now everything is up in the air.

That's the quick update!

Take care and I hope to write a few more details soon.

Unemployed Peace Corps Volunteer,

Larry Tweed


  • Larry,
    Just wanted to say how proud we are of you and what you are doing. I envy your life and experiences. Enjoy this momement of your life.
    Much Love,
    Uncle Ron and Aunt Alexandra (My Byelorussian Princes)

    By Blogger Ziotech, At 8:55 AM  

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