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Thursday, February 24, 2005

S'more Electricity Sounds Good

Entombed in darkness…the only sign of life in my apartment is the burbling trickle of my leaky toilet and the soft, liquid-crystal glow of my laptop. Last night I returned from an evening of Korean cuisine (yes, dog was on the menu) only to discover that my electricity had been shut-off. Unlike the rolling black-outs we experience—this darkness was due to my own dim wit. I forgot to pay the electricity bill. That’s not quite true. I didn’t forget. In fact, I’d been carrying around the crumpled bill and a folded wad of cash for over a week. Everyday, on my way to work, I walked passed the utilities building. Yesterday, I even stopped by over the noon hour only to find a sign on the padlocked door stating everyone was “Out to Lunch”. This legitimate attempt at responsibility apparently buoyed me into believing I was a good for another day. Incorrect. I now type in darkness, hunched over the warm glow of my computer like a man warming his hands over a camp fire. If only I had some marshmallows…


  • Larry! So sad you succomed to the tombs of the non-billpaying! We too had trouble with that pesky little bill. I'm surprised you made it a week! We were only given three days to get our asses over there.

    I owe you an apology by the way. I ended up deathly ill in my last few days in Osh... thus not calling you. I offer you my humblest of apologies and beg on my knees for forgiveness... not like that sicko! Anyway, good luck getting your power back! --Your ex-PCV K-11 buddy, Naomi

    By Anonymous Naomi, At 11:10 AM  

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