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Friday, June 25, 2004

Kyrgyzstan Packing List:

Note: This may not be all that exciting for one to read, however, for those of you planning on travelling abroad (viz. for those planning on visiting me in Kyrgyzstan), I've assembled a little packing list. A special thanks goes out to Jeff Griffin, whose Gin & Tonics provided liquid courage in braving the giant mutant mosquitoes during our post-dusk creation of this list. I also extend my thanks to his lovely wife, Erica, who put her two-year old son, Loren (Ren), to bed that evening.

Things I am bringing to Kyrgyzstan:

I. Clothing
1. 2 Pair REI Pants
2. Hiking Boots
3. Walking/Dress Shoes & Cross-trainers
4. 8 Pair Socks (Four Pair camping)
5. Light Wool Sweater
6. 4 T-Shirts
7. 2 Long Sleeve Button –Up Shirts
8. 2 Short-Sleeve Button-up Shirts
9. Raincoat/Rain Pants
10. Sports coat
11. Hat & Baseball Cap
12. Gortex Gloves
13. Travel Towel
14. Tevas
15. Money Belt
16. Belt

II. Shaving Kit
1. Shampoo
2. Soap
3. Fingernail/Toenail trimmers
4. 3 Toothbrushes
5. Dental Floss & threaders
6. Toothpaste
7. 1 roll TP
8. Razor/Shaving Cream
9. Hand/Face-Lotion

III. Accessories
1. Sunglasses
2. Glasses (and Extra-pair)
3. Mini sewing kit
4. Plastic Flask
5. Watch
6. Gerber
7. Corkscrew
8. 2 collapsible wine glasses
9. Sleeping Bag (750 down filled 0 degree bag)
10. Mattress Pad
11. 4 Bungee Cords
12. 10 Ziplocs
13. 3 garbage bags
14. Compass
15. Duct-Tape
16. Picture-Book
17. Journal
18. OED-softbound dictionary
19. Travel Guide
20. 2 leisure books
21. Lighter
22. Matches
23. Cards
24. 2 nice pens & 1 mechanical pencil
25. insect-repellant
26. Beef-jerky
27. small binoculars
28. Leatherman key chain

IV. Electronics
1. Short-wave Radio
2. Laptop
3. Adaptor
4. Extra-Battery
5. Digital Camera
6. LED head-light
7. Flashlight


  • Hi son,

    Looked over your packing list and thought of two items not listed, 1. a transformer/converter and 2. a short wave radio. I'm impressed with the "Blog". This will be fun!

    Love Ya,


    By Blogger Dad, At 7:57 AM  

  • OOPS! I see the short wave radio listed. We got you a shirt I think you might like. we'll send it and if you don't like it I'll wear it. Talk soon.

    Love ,


    By Blogger Dad, At 8:03 AM  

  • Now what on earth would you do with a plastic flask? :)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 10:17 AM  

  • Hey there, Im a fellow Kyrgyzstan PCV (K-11) and Im at an all night internet cafe in Bishkek waiting for a flight out of here (vacation) I happened across your blog and thought you might want some hints on what else to bring.
    Good winter coat and more sweaters. Think layers because even if you are placed in the south, the winters get kind of hellish. Invest in some silk underwear and other layers. Rechargable batteries are great because the quality of batteries here is horrible. If your computer has a dvd player and you like to watch movies, you'll be set. As far as other electronics. . IPOD! its small, rechargable and holds a buttload of music. Make sure you have some business casual attire and knockaround attire. There seems to be alot of down time, especially for us SEOD. If you need any more info you can email me at

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 3:18 PM  

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